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Victory Spouses' Club of Ft. Jackson is a charitable and social organization dedicated to promoting a sense of belonging and support!

Who can be a Victory Spouses' Club member?

Spouses of:

⚜️Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard, and Foreign Exchange service members stationed at Fort Jackson and the surrounding areas.

⚜️Active Duty service members of the Armed Forces of the United States on unaccompanied tours or deployments who live in the Fort Jackson area.

⚜️Retired or deceased service members of the Armed Forces.

⚜️Department of Defense (DoD) or Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) personal who are currently employed at Fort Jackson.

Not a Spouse? Or perhaps you are a dual military married couple?

You can join the VSC as an associate member! Read more below!

From the VSC Constitution:
Upon payment of dues, the following shall be deemed Associate members. These members will be ineligible to vote for or to hold office. An exception will be made if an active member holding office changes to an associate member status, in which case they will be permitted to complete their term in office.

⚜️Adult member(s), over 18 years of age, residing in the household of an active duty service member.

⚜️Active duty service member or retired service member.

⚜️DoD or NAF civilian who is currently employed at Fort Jackson.

⚜️In the event a married couple who is either dual active duty or retired service members or DoD or NAF civilian employees would like to join the Club, only one spouse may join the Club as a Member. The second spouse must join as an Associate member. Which spouse joins the Club as a Member and which spouse joins as an Associate member is at the discretion of the couple.

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